How do I add/remove students to/from classes?

When adding whole classes to Education Perfect, it's easiest to have our enrolment team do a bulk student import for you. Once that's done, you can make small changes such as adding and removing students and teachers from the Control Panel.

From the Control Panel, select Manage Accounts.

To add students

Select the class you would like to add a student to and select Add Student on the right-hand side of the page. Enter the details in the dialogue box that appears. Once you start typing in the student's name, the system will suggest students that are already enrolled in the school. If you find the student in the Other Suggested matches, simply click the Add to Class.

Avoid creating new accounts for students who already have an existing account. Having one account per student allows them to keep all of their scores and progress in one place and can help to prevent confusion around licensing.

You can also add a student by selecting  Add a new Student from the left-hand side of the screen.  If the student does not have an account yet, select Create a new student account. Fill in the details as required. The Help button will indicate if your school requires Student ID's or email addresses to ensure we can match student accounts year on year. 

Once this is complete, select the Add to a class in the bottom right corner of the page. 

Students who are added to a class will automatically be assigned any tasks or assessments that are currently assigned to that particular class.

To remove students

Select the checkbox next to the student's name. Select Remove from this class, and confirm the selection. 

The student will then be removed from this class, and will no longer be assigned any tasks and homework for this class.

Setting up a new teacher account

You can also create a new teacher account and add the teacher to your class.