How do I add media to my question?

You can make your activities more engaging by adding images, videos and sound files of your own to them, or by drawing on our existing media galleries.

If you change your mind after inserting a piece of media, click Remove Media to get rid of it.

 Inserting Images

  • As you type your question, images which may be relevant will appear on the page. Click any of them to instantly insert that image into your question. 
  • To insert an image not in the existing suggestions, click Image in the Supporting Media section. From here, you can either search our gallery by typing into the Search our gallery searchbox, or choose an image from your computer by clicking Upload an image.

Supported image types are .bmp, .jpg, .gif and .png.

Inserting an image from the media gallery
Inserting an image from your computer

Inserting Video

Supported video types are .mov, .mp4 and .m4v.

Click Video from the Supporting Media section, then click Upload a video. Pick a file from your computer and click Use this Video

Inserting Sound

Supported audio types are .mp3, .wav and .m4a.

Click Sound from the Supporting Media section, then click Upload a sound. Pick a file from your computer and click Use this Sound.