How do I add additional pre-made topic lists to my school's folders?

Education Perfect has a wealth of public content created by teachers. You can access these lists to use in your classes when the Content Library doesn't already have material that suits your needs.


Note for Languages teachers: If you have specific textbooks or vocabulary lists you use in class that we don't already provide, please email our Content team at to let them know your requirements.

First, click the purple Content Library button on the left side of your Control Panel.

Select Edit mode from the top right, and choose the subject for the material you are searching for with the Change Subject button. 

Searching for public content won't work in Browse mode, so make sure you are in Edit mode.

Type the name or a description of the material you are looking for into the search bar at the top-right. The centre pane will display all the results of your search. 

The first results will usually be content already in your school's Content Library. Scroll down to see any material created by other teachers, under the Public Content header.

When you find the content that looks like it will suit your needs, click on it in the centre pane and then press the Preview button to view the list or lesson in greater detail.

You can either click the Add List on the right hand pane, or if you are in the Preview window, click Add activity to your school instead.

When in the Content Library

When in the Preview menu

Select the folder to add the list to, or create a new module. Then click Confirm

Once you have added the list, you can navigate to the module you selected and view the content or assign it to your students.