How can my students turn off the countdown timers?

Students are able to turn off the countdown timers that display when they are learning in the student zone. This can be helpful for students who need more time to get to the right answer, or find the clock stressful.

Disabling timers doesn't affect the time limit in assessments. To hide the countdown timer during an assessment, students can click on the clock and it will hide until the assessment is almost complete.

Log into the Student Zone. Click the arrow to reveal the sidebar, then click the downwards facing arrow beside your name. 

If your screen is big enough the sidebar may already be visible without clicking the arrow on the sidebar.

Select Account Settings from the drop-down menu

Tick Turn off Timers, then click the x in the corner to save.

Teachers can disable timers when creating a homework task, which applies to all students in the task. See How do I assign a task? for more information.