How can I create or edit a translation list from the Student Zone?

Students can create and edit translation lists through Vocabulary modules in the Student Zone. 

To begin with, enter the Student Zone from the main menu, by selecting the blue Student Zone tab. The screen will open in a new window.

Select your class on the side bar, and scroll down to see the available modules that have been set up for your class. 

Here, scroll down and select the module you would like to build your translation list from.

Alternatively, select Browse All Subjects.

Select the language of your preference to take you to the list of available modules.

Navigate to and select your chosen module.

Find the list you would like to edit, either by scrolling through the module, or by searching in the search bar at the top of the window. 

You will not be able to edit the ~All Content~ list, as this is automatically generated from all other lists. 

Here, select Edit a copy, and you will be taken to a screen that allows you to add and remove vocabulary from a duplicate of the list. 

Click on the words or phrases that you want in your new list, and select Add or the Enter key to add them. 

To remove something from the list, click it and select Remove or the Delete key.  

You can select multiple pieces of vocabulary to add or remove by pressing the Shift key.

To change the name of your list, select Rename

Once the vocabulary list is set up to your liking, select Done

Creating your own Translation Lists

If you would prefer to create a Translation list from scratch, select Create List once in your chosen module.

Here, you have access to a list of vocabulary in the module; as with above, click on the words or phrases that you want in your new list, and select Add or the Enter key to add them, Remove or the Delete key to remove them.  

Change the name of your new list from the default settings by selecting Rename. 

Once you have finished, select Done.

If you would like your list approved for use in competitions, select Request Approval from EP Team. This will send the list to us for checking, to ensure that it meets our standards for earning points (you can check these rules here as well, simply select Read Rules).  

You will now be able to find your lists under My Lists in the module you chose at the beginning.