G-Suite Configuration

This article details how to configure G-suite for use with Education Perfect's Single Sign-On (SSO) system.

Add SAML App to G-Suite

  1. Follow Google's documentation for setting up a custom SAML app.
  2. On the Google IdP Information screen, under Option 2, click the download button next to IDP metadata. This will download a metadata file which you will need to send to us to configure SSO for your school.
  3. On the Service Provider Details screen, enter the following:
    1. ACS URL: https://sso.educationperfect.com/sso/saml2
    2. Entity ID: https://sso.educationperfect.com
    3. Start URL: https://www.educationperfect.com/app/#/dashboard
    4. Signed Response: Leave unchecked.
    5. Name ID: Basic Information, Primary Email.
    6. Name ID Format: PERSISTENT.